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Unique and special wedding dresses designed with creativity and crafted by hand. Just for you.

bespoke handmade bridal gowns

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Not just
a dress…
A story,
a romance, and a little bit of history

Welcome to Jenny Lessin. I create wonderful bespoke wedding dresses from my studio in London for brides who want something luxurious and a dress which is truly unique. A gown which tells your story, fits perfectly and makes you look like a goddess!


Jenny’s wealth of experience and wonderful eye for detail created a beautifully elegant, timeless dress that was truly beyond my dreams and expectations! Every visit was as exciting as the last as I saw my dress come to life before my eyes. 



Jenny is that rare mix of calm confidence that comes from years of experience and skill, together with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to craft some thing unique, and entirely yours. Her gowns don’t simply clothe you but empower and enrich you. I look at the photographs now, and see that my gown was worth every penny. I never wanted to be a princess. But I looked every inch the Goddess I felt.



“From the first meeting to the last fitting, Jenny was just great. She listened, doodled, questioned, suggested, rifled through her many boxes of wonderful trimmings, listened some more and sent me her ideas. After a couple of shared Pinterest pictures she brought together the different bits I’d had in my head but had been unable to really visualise myself and absolutely nailed the design. It was a truly collaborative process and Jenny made me a dress that I was just delighted with. The reaction from everyone said it all – ‘that dress is so you’.



“At our first meeting I was completely put at ease, Jenny was so sensitive to all my worries about my various and numerous lumps and bumps. Having worked with real women of all shapes and sizes she was able to explain all the options to me. I ended up choosing a dress that I would never have found in a shop – something completely unique to me. The end result was absolutely breathtaking. It fitted like a dream and the soft, glamorous satin was so comfortable to wear. The spotted lace added a touch of my playful personality – getting married is supposed to be fun after all! I cannot count the number of compliments I have had, both on the day and since then!



“In a world full of uniform white, a world of Berketex and Pronovias, the search for something otherwise was almost despairing. Discovering Jenny therefore was a revelation  that ‘bride’ could mean stylish, creative and unique and even now the self satisfaction of discovering someone so talented still makes me gloat. Working with Jenny was a fun, collaborative and overall superb experience. Not only has she an incredible flair for creativity but has the masterful skill to bring it to life. Her dresses are literally beautiful. She looks to understand exactly what effect you want to create and will advise you how together you can achieve it. I’m still convinced I have the most beautiful wedding dress known to mankind and will be looking for opportunities to share it with the rest of the world as frequently as possible… a Saturday morning supermarket shop will never be the same.



No two Jenny Lessin dresses are the same. My bridal gowns are designed for real women, using the finest fabrics, beautiful embellishments and exquisitely finished by hand, custom made just for you.

Made especially for you

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