Sotiria’s Story

Having Jenny designing and making my dress turned out to be one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for my wedding. What really attracted me in her website was the fact that all her dresses, even the most ‘classical’ ones, had ‘twists’ that made the brides that wore them look unique.

At our first appointment, she knew how to ask all the right questions to get me thinking and tease out the elements that I like in clothes and the details that would flatter my body. Apart from very original ideas, I felt that she gave me great advice on how different fabrics and colours would work together.

I had heard that having one’s wedding dress made can be quite unnerving as one cannot know how it will turn out until it is done. With Jenny, the process was interactive until the very last details were put into place and I was only surprised by how my dress turned out to be even more beautiful than I anticipated.