Hilary’s Story

In a world full of uniform white, a world of Berketex and Pronovias, the search for something otherwise was almost despairing. Discovering Jenny therefore was a revelation (and immense relief). That ‘bride’ could mean stylish, creative and unique and even now the self satisfaction of discovering someone so talented still makes me gloat!

Working with Jenny was a fun, collaborative and overall superb experience. Not only has she an incredible flair for creativity but has the masterful skill to bring it to life. Her dresses are literally beautiful. She looks to understand exactly what effect you want to create and will advise you (in her very honest manner) how together you can achieve it. I’m still convinced I have the most beautiful wedding dress known to mankind and will be looking for opportunities to share it with the rest of the world as frequently as possible… a Saturday morning supermarket shop will never be the same.