Hannah’s Story

Being 5’1 and a size 12/14 I knew the dresses in magazines and in wedding shops were not designed with me in mind: any dress I chose would be so heavily altered to fit me that it would end up looking completely different …I found it impossible to know what would really suit me when it was cut down to my size! It was at that point of exasperation that I decided to start looking for a dressmaker.

I could see from Jenny’s website that the quality of her dresses was exceptional – they were also completely unique and tailored to the bride. At our first meeting I was completely put at ease, Jenny was so sensitive to all my worries about my various and numerous lumps and bumps. Having worked with real women of all shapes and sizes she was able to explain all the options to me. I ended up choosing a dress that I would never have found in a shop – something completely unique to me.

The end result was absolutely breathtaking. It fitted like a dream and the soft, glamorous satin was so comfortable to wear. The spotted lace added a youth to the look that I had always wanted as well as a touch of my playful personality – getting married is supposed to be fun after all! I cannot count the number of compliments I have had, both on the day and since then!