Dan’s Story

If brides choose to have their wedding dresses made for the same reasons as my, now wife Natalie, it’s because they feel they have requirements that cannot be fulfilled by picking something ‘off the shelf’. In our case, Natalie wanted to work with a dressmaker to ensure that her dress would be flattering to her figure, wanted an atypical design and wanted me to be an integral part of the process.

Jenny triumphed on all counts. She arose to all the challenges we set her and found creative ways of finding solutions. It’s a cliché, but on our wedding day, Natalie felt like the most beautiful woman in the world, in a knee length, lace dress that took our guests’ breath away.

Jenny also involved me in the process, welcoming me to Natalie’s consultations and fittings, making my participation feel like the most natural thing in the world. Something that we all found daunting to begin with became one of the most joyous aspects of our wedding experience.